Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Back again...

So, I have been a little out of commission when it comes to this blog—and I hope you will find for good reason. First of all, I had a ton of homework--I was in my last semester of school. I now I have earned my Master of Education degree--yippee! :) Secondly, at the end of December, I found out I was pregnant! A few weeks later, I found out I was having TWINS! Yes, TWINS! They are due August 21, 2010 and my son will just be 2 years and a little over a month old. I am still soaking in this information... how our lives will be busy!

Now I must confess, in the midst of it all, I have been a bad eater! I crave salty fried food... while not all bad if cooked in the right oils, man; you have to watch the calories and portions! Thankfully, I haven't packed on the pounds as quickly as I did with Brinley--60 lbs total (yes, I was a beast!). I am praying that I will have self-control and good judgment when it comes to eating. My whole being stands for healthy, holistic nutrition and when I pregnant, I am always super sick and crave junk... so pray, pray!

I have been a big proponent of Juice Plus and have been taking it with this pregnancy. I did with my son and I am back on it again. I was taking the pills, but I couldn't keep them down so Brinley and I are sharing the Juice Plus Gummies. If you are interested in what Juice Plus is, check out their site: https://www.juiceplus.com/nsa/content/Welcome.soa. Basically, they are "pills” that you would be tempted to call vitamins or supplements--buy they are not either! It is food that contains about 17 different fruits, vegetables and grains, pretty much dehydrated into a pill that naturally contains the vitamins you need on a daily basis. I think the company tags the Juice Plus as a "whole based food product." Check it out! If you are interested in it, I have a friend that introduced it to me about 4 years ago and she could give you great info on it.

Now, I was sitting around watching Jamie Oliver's "Food Revolution" sneak peak this past Sunday on ABC. Man was it a great show for all to watch! I wanted to call everyone I know and get them to tune it! Thankfully, the premiere will be this coming Friday, I believe at 8 pm EST. I encourage you all to watch it. Jamie seeks out the most unhealthy, obese city in the world--which happens to be right around the corner from us in VA--it is in Huntington, WV. He goes into a school system and is shocked to see pizza for breakfast is served for the kids, not to mention the processed other foods--like powdered potatoes and meats filled with a long list chemicals that are hard to pronounce. I was shocked! Now, I know that Americans are on the easy, fast food train, but, boy was I shocked to see that it was that bad. I mean, the school was following the guidelines of the USDA--considering french fries as a vegetable. Here is the site if you would like more information: http://abc.go.com/shows/jamie-olivers-food-revolution. Please watch the show if you can and come back with your thoughts!