Sunday, July 31, 2011

Davies 5, A redirection

I should change this blog's purpose to write about our daily life, struggles, praises... etc... oh and about food.  It has been, what, 6 months since I have last written?  I remember Jan/Feb being so exciting for me because I was able to be in the kitchen... I had control over my eating... etc.  Those moments of bliss were certainly brief and fleeting.  I could go on and on about what has happened since then, but, if you are reading this, I am sure you have already heard the rantings of this "tired mom".  And frankly, I don't feel like writing it out.
It would be typical for me to say "wow, time has really flown by", but I just chuckle at that thought.  NO-time has not flown by. In fact, this past year has been the hardest year of my life  (and I am sure my husband could attest to that). Life with  three babies (twin babies and a 2 year old-now 3 years old) has certainly made us "stronger"---haha.  What does that even mean?  Life with three babies has made us TIRED and somewhat isolated from others.  I can't  speak for my husband on that, but it is true for me!
So, for therapeutic purposes (hopefully not too self-centered),I am going to celebrate life's little joys on this blog, when and if I can.   After all, those little joys are given to me by our gracious and loving Father and the way I see it, it keeps me going during this hard season.  And, yes, those joys include food, recipe writing and testing and "flaxing" anything up. :)
Tonight, when putting Brinley to sleep, he made me laugh.  Our local minor league baseball team had a home game and at the end of the game (I believe), they had fireworks go off.  Our house is located just a few blocks from the stadium.  Anyhow, Brinley and I like to sing songs right before bedtime--"Twinkle Little Star" and other songs (mostly made up)... we were in mid-song when we were interrupted by the loud sounds of the fireworks going off.  We opened the blinds and watched them.  First--it was such a "melting my heart" moment watching him smile as the fireworks light flickered on his face in the dark.  Anyway, after watching such a sensational eruption of noise (the babies were sleeping), I tucked him in and he just kept asking, where the fireworks went.  "Mommy, where are the fireworks?" (me: blah, blah, blah) "What are they doing?" (me: blah, blah, blah).  He then exclaims, "I am going to eat fireworks!".  I laugh and say, "Are you going to sprinkle them with salt?"  He giggles and excited, he yells, "With ketchup, and dip, and hummy (hummus) with carrots, too!"
It isn't big deal... but to me it made me smile.  I love that kid!  We had a long day--while grocery shopping at Whole Foods, he certainly made a few scenes (example: does he really need to pick through the tea boxes and arranged them?--Ok, I am smiling now, but I wasn't smiling then).

So, I will write about food on here still--after all, it is my passion, but when and if I ever get on here again, I will not be driven by just one aspect of my life.


  1. I'm glad you're writing about your life and your 3 babies and your food. I really do admire your healthy/wholesome eating. Brinley is so precious and I have to say, your grocery store adventure sounds like mine--with the rearranging and all!!! Thinking of you!!!

  2. Thanks Kim. I was sitting and thinking about what a LONG weekend it had been without Jord around and how hard it was to manage, but I was so delighted by the joy Brinley had watching the fireworks. I feel like I have just been focusing on the negative aspects of motherhood lately and I need to "redirect my focus". In doing so, I may take a break from FB for a while and this blog will be a place where people can see what I am doing (if they care, haha). I am just trying to see how to get my albums transferred. Though, finally, after a week of figuring that out, I think I found a source, so this may be my last night on FB! :) Good to hear from you... come on here soon! :)