Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Flour Sub Guide

I am always looking for new ways to perk up a recipe--especially when it comes to changing up the flours. When it calls for white, I like to try whole wheat, soy, oat...etc, or just a plain mixture of a few. With that said, I have made some crazy concoctions that have turned out tasty and others that... hmmm, were not so much!:) Different flours have different consistencies and some stick better than others, so you really need to make sure you mix up the right flours to avoid a super dense bread (I actually love dense bread) or avoid a muffin that falls apart (soy). Per Clean Eating issue, Jan/Feb 2010 issue, the guide below is great.

So if your recipe calls for 1 cup whole wheat, do this...
1 cup of spelt
Quick breads: ½ cup of oat flour + ½ cup of whole wheat
Biscuits & Yeast Rolls: ¼ cup oat flour + ¾ cup whole wheat
Non-yeast recipes: 1 cup quinoa flour
Yeast breads: ½ cup quinoa flour + ½ cup whole wheat
Cornbread, cookies, flatbreads, & pancakes: ½ millet four + ½ cup whole wheat
Biscuits and yeast rolls: ¼ cup millet flour + ¾ cup wheat flour
1 cup Kamut flour
½ cup Buckwheat flour + ½ cup whole wheat
Yeast breads: 1/3 cup buckwheat flour + 2/3 cup whole wheat
Brown Rice:
¼ cup brown rice flour + ¾ cup whole wheat
¼ cup almond flour/meal + ¾ wheat flour

If you have an allergy to wheat, I encourage you to experiment with the flours that can sub fully with whole wheat. For example, if you want to try almond flour and don’t want to use the whole wheat portion, try ¼ almond flour as the above guide indicates and then add ¾ cup of Kamut…. I hope that makes sense! Anyhow, please let me know if you try any of these subs… and pass on the recipe!  Experiment and have fun! :)


  1. This is going to be very practical. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Carol, I find all of this information you provide so incredibly helpful! We are trying to go more natural and stay away from wheat and sugar and this has been what we are following. Where do you buy all of these? Are they available in regular grocery stores?

  3. Katelyn-I am glad you enjoy this! I wish I could get on here more. I actually thought to come on today and saw your email--which encourages me more to keep up with this blog.

    I usually get my flours from either Fresh Air, Health Nut, and/or Anderson's Market Sometimes I order online or even just get the flours at Kroger/Whole Foods.

    As for sugars... I stick with Brown Rice Syrup and Local/Raw Honey.... but I do get organic sugars like turbinado...etc for baking for others on occasion. Hope this helps!