Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Natural Peanut Butter

Can I just say I have an addiction to peanut butter?  I mean, I am not talking about that Jiffy-Peter Pan kind with loads of sugar, sodium, and hydro oils.  I am talking about the "stir kind", unsalted without sugar kind.  Krema is a great brand and one of my favorites, but I don't see it at Kroger anymore.  In Canada, I was really into their Kraft version... but now, my new favorite is Arrowhead Mills...  I mean I opened up the stinkin' jar yesterday and let me just say, the jar is about 1/4 full... as of right now.   It is only 10:00 pm and I am about to watch a movie with my husband... and I just  do not think I will have any leftover for tomorrow.  Seriously.  Help me! :) 

Peanut Butter is good...
-melted for about 20 seconds and tossed in popcorn.
-stirred in ice cream (Purely Decadent is my fav:
-with waffles, pancakes
-with veggies and fruits
-in between my sons Snackimal Wheat-free Oatmeal cookies
-in salad--seriously Thai-ish!
-on a spoon with a dash of cinnamon, and a cup of ginger tea--this is my favorite

Please tell me how you take your peanut butter... And don't get me started on other nuts... I am nuts over nuts (and seeds alike!)

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