Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Preparing for the week

Ok, this post will be short, but I have had it on my mind to tell y'all all week what I do...

Every weekend I like to prepare some foods for the week.  Since we do use dry beans and beans are our main source for protein/iron, it is nice to have something to grab out of the fridge.  I also like to have whole grains everyday (not just oats).  Some grains take a longer time to cook... etc...so it is nice to have things "on the go".  We are all busy around here, and especially at dinner time, my twins like to sing loud :) and Brinley likes to run around the house like crazy... it is a little chaotic, needless to say.

Anywho... we cook a cup or 2 of dry beans and 2-3 cups of a whole grain every Saturday (or Sunday) which, for both usually almost doubles the servings.  This week our meals have quinoa and garbanzo beans (AKA chickpeas).  Last week we had meals with lentils and brown rice.  My husband isn't a big fan of garbanzo beans, so I usually mash them into whatever I am making.  He loves this Italian Quinoa recipe I have (he likes tomato-based foods like pasta...etc), so I usually just mash the chickpeas into the sauce which make for a creamier consistency.

So what foods do you try to get into your family?  How do you sneak 'em in? (if you do).  What are some tips you can pass on to me on preparing for the week or what routines do you have...etc?


  1. Love the idea of adding beans to a pasta sauce, I'll have to try that!
    I usually soak beans the night before I need them--but am thinking the once-a-week soaking sounds like a better idea.
    The one thing I do plan is my baking--so if I am making bread or muffins or anything else, I have a baking day to get it all done in one afternoon. Or, if I am having rice with more than one meal, I'll make enough for the week rather than having to cook it several times that week.

  2. I like the once/week bean idea too! Too often I don't get them in to soak as soon as I like, or just plain forget to, and then end up using (organic) canned beans. But I would prefer the dry!

  3. Thanks for sharing! I am sporadic with my baking--I should pick a night for that during the week... I love to be in the kitchen by myself when it is late and everyone is asleep...

  4. Spinach, spinach, and more spinach! I sneak it into a lot of foods, esp. tomato-based sauces. I make a delish "green" smoothie that I am addicted to. I start by blending about 1-2 cups milk or (or coconut or rice milk) with a whopping amount of spinach. Then add frozen berries and about 1/2 dropper full of liquid Stevia with vanilla (available at Kroger, though it is expensive). Yummy, yummy, yummy. It's better than ice cream.