Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Top 30 Foods" for shopping and what the Davies eat...

Since I have been faithfully blogging this past week, I have had a few people contact me via Facebook to see what we buy or eat around the Davies' household (by the way, thank you for reading and taking interest).   I like to go to Whole Foods every other month, if not every month, to do one big grocery shop for some kitchen staples—especially in the winter.  Recently, I was out there and they have this new “Eat Right America Campaign” going on—which is so awesome!  Their website is:  Anyhow, they have a list of "Top 30 Foods" with an “ANDI” score that are considered to be the healthiest and satiety eats (check their site for more details on ANDI). 

So, this list below is from their site and I encourage you, as well, to take it with you when you shop for food basics!  Even more so, I encourage you to sign up for their 28 day plan to “eat right”—it is FREE and they provide GREAT recipes!   I have bolded a few food items below that are my absolute favorite!
Collard Greens, Mustard Greens, Turnip Greens
Bok Choy
Broccoli Rabe
Chinese or Napa Cabbage
Brussels Sprouts (can’t get enough of these!)
Swiss Chard
Romaine Lettuce
Red Pepper
Carrot Juice
Tomatoes and Tomato Products
Pomegranate Juice
Beans (all varieties) (especially lentils and black beans)
Seeds: Flaxseed, Sunflower, Sesame
Pistachio Nuts
Walnuts (I love unsalted peanuts and raw almonds too!)

"Your Action Plan: Take this Top 30 Foods list next time you go shopping and consciously buy and try these foods."

Now as for what we eat around here… we are mostly vegetarians.  My husband will eat meat outside of the home, but will avoid beef… same goes for Brinley, and well, the twins just stick to breastfed milk :).  I avoid meat altogether but will splurge on holidays and only on free-range, organic meats.  I will have non-fat organic milk in my coffee and will eat eggs on occasion… but for everything else, like smoothies, oatmeal, soups, baking… etc… we drink Almond/Rice/Coconut milks.  I also avoid wheat since I have IBS issues with that (TMI, I know), but everyone else in the family eats it.

Anyhow, for every meal, we will eat a fruit or vegetable, 100% whole grain, protein (beans and such), and lots of herbs/spices… any kind of seasonings, really.  Basically, we try to eat at minimum 8 servings of produce a day and balance out everything else.  We also like to incorporate healthy fats into most meals.  Our meal plans were very much inspired by Cynthia Sass (a writer/nutritionist).  Our “sugars” are very limited—I try to bake with mostly brown rice syrup, raw honey, and sometimes, organic sugars like turbinado…etc (I would leave these out, but I must compromise with my family:).

I hope that this helps!


  1. Wow Carol! You're so inspiring! I would love to start eating like this and getting my family to but it seems like it takes LOTS of preparation. I'm going to check out that website. Thanks for posting!

  2. Hi, Carol! I've checked out this blog before when you put up an interesting link on Facebook, but didn't realize until just recently that this is YOUR blog! :) Where is the nearest Whole Foods? I dearly love that store. I have recently been enjoying the convenience of having many organic food items (esp. Eden beans---no BPA in their cans) shipped 2nd day air to my door for no charge with But I would adore a good store like Whole Foods to get organic fresh fruits and veggies. Kroger's organic fruits and greens selection is somewhat pitiful.

  3. Crystal! How are you!? I think that is awesome that you order from Eden Foods--we do that, too! I am out of stuff (brown rice vinegar, kukicha tea...etc). I still have 1/2 a bag of kombu and dulse flakes... though, Fresh Air and Health Nut are carrying some of those items. Anyhow, I am glad I am not the only person in Lynchburg doing that! HAHA! I haven't ordered beans though... I should for back-up since soaking beans and such takes a lot of prep when I want to eat certain beans on a wink. Whole Foods-I go to the one in C-Ville. I just get a ton of basics while I am there and buy the rest here in town... Kroger isn't the best, but I am glad for that option--my sister-in-law lives in a town with just Walmart and Food Lion and misses the "goods" at Kroger... so I am grateful. Actually, on my way back from her place last week (she lives in DE), we stopped at Whole Foods on the way in MD and I shopped there...

  4. Is that you, Dolly (Darla)? Either way, I am glad you are inspired! Thanks for checking this blog out! :) Hope you and your men are doing well!

  5. Oh, that is so true. I should be grateful for Kroger!! Actually, I have found that their selection of organic varies SO much depending on what time of day/week you shop!! The last time I went was the first time I had seen green cabbage in weeks. How does Whole Foods prices compare to Kroger on items in the top 30 foods? Also, is there a health advantage to soaking dry beans and cooking them yourself? I have been wondering that. I think I've put off researching it because it's just so darn easy to open a can! haha.

  6. Crystal-Yes, their selection does vary--especially from Kroger to Kroger... I find that the Timberlake Kroger tends to have a consistent organic berries section in the summers and the Ft. Ave does not. I probably shop at the 3 Krogers every week or so (3 as in Forest Kroger, too).

    As for Kroger produce and how it compares to Whole Foods... I would say they aren't too different. Sometimes, they have almost the exact prices. When I go to Whole Foods, I tend to stick to refrigerator or pantry items because of this. Occasionally, I will buy some produce there, for example bok choy, since it is so hit or miss at Kroger. Currently, I am on the hunt for daikon which Kroger NEVER has, so I will look for that on my next trip to WF.

    Beans--I like to buy dry beans because they are cheaper. Canned beans tend to be much higher in sodium and even when you do rinse them, some sodium still sticks (I have heard about 30% only comes off). Also, I like to cook my beans with a strip of kombu (the Asian bay leaf)--using Kombu helps in releasing the gases from beans when you are cooking them (which helps me in the area). I know there are other ways to help in this area, but I find kombu works best for me! :) I like to get my nutritional punch with this sea vegetable--it helps in alkalizing and detoxifying your blood. Like you--another thing to watch out for with canned beans are only getting versions that are in BPA free cans... which I find very hard to find 'round these parts. It is too much effort for me to order them... but I do think that canned beans are a good alternative--I have used them in the past when I am out-of-stock and need something quick... but as a rule, I try stick with dry. Health Nut and Fresh Air have a great selection.

  7. That is very interesting. Thanks for all this good info! I will have to try the Kombu with some dry beans. I was just reading how to minimize the gas-effects with dry beans through a cooking method (silly me, I already forgot what it was--had to do with the number of times beans were rinsed or something--I'm sure you already know about it).

    I have actually never been to Health Nut. I really want to go now. I have been to Fresh Air a couple of times but was really not impressed. They seem to hardly have anything there it seemed to me.

    I'm going to have to hit the Timberlake Kroger more. Even my husband has told me he thinks their produce selection is better. We eat a ton of raw fruits and veggies, so that is the main thing I hunt for when shopping at the grocery. :)